Nintendo Switch Update 11.0.0 Adds Switch Online Hub, Better Cloud Saves, Easier Screenshot Transfers, And More


Nintendo Switch update 11.0.0 is here, and the latest numbered update makes some big additions. The main one is the addition of a Nintendo Switch Online hub on the main page, but there's plenty of other stuff to dig into.

The new "Nintendo Switch Online" hub button appears on the home screen next to News, and it collects together all of Online's functions and services into one place. This includes a list of smartphone apps, online games, current tournaments, an archive of NES and SNES titles arranged by year, your save data in the cloud, and member offers.

Cloud data will now be automatically downloaded on multiple systems attached to the same account, too. This could be a blessing for anyone using a regular Switch and a Switch Lite in conjunction, as once it's activated save data will jump between the two systems automatically.

A new "Trending With Friends" option is now available on your user page, below "Friend List". It shows what your friends have been playing recently, telling you exactly how many of the folks on your friend list are still regularly playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and other titles. It tracks who has played over the last ten days, and will tell you the total playtime of the friends listed.

12 new user icons are also added. They're focused on Mario's 35th anniversary, with icons based on Mario's classic appearance right through to Odyssey. You can even use Mario with FLUDD as your icon, if you're a huge fan of Super Mario Sunshine.

Perhaps most useful of all for those who like to share screenshots, it's now much easier to transfer screens and videos from the Switch to other devices. You can copy to a computer via USB, or to a smart device via a QR code.

There are a few other changes introduced here, including download prioritization, the ability to name button remaps, and support for Brazilian Portuguese. You can read the full update notes below.

Nintendo Switch Ver. 11.0.0

Nintendo Switch Online was added to the HOME Menu.

  • Access all Nintendo Switch Online services, from getting the latest information to checking your membership status.
    *This feature is not available in some countries/regions.

A new feature that automatically downloads backed up save data was added to the Save Data Cloud.

  • When using software with the same Nintendo Account linked to multiple systems, save data backed up from one console will automatically be downloaded to your other system(s).
    *To use this feature, it must be enabled under System Settings > Data Management > Save Data Cloud.
    *Save data will not be downloaded automatically unless save data for that software exists on the console. The first time only, users must download the save data manually.
    *A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use the Save Data Cloud service.

A new Trending feature was added to the User Page.

  • Users can check what software their friends are playing or have started playing recently.
    Information will not be displayed for friends who have their online status set to display to no one.

Users can now transfer screenshots and videos from Album to their smart devices.

  • Users can wirelessly connect their smart devices to Nintendo Switch to transfer the screenshots and videos saved within their Album.
  • For screenshots, users can transfer a maximum of 10 screenshots and 1 video capture at once.
    *To connect, users must use their smart device to scan the QR Code displayed on the Nintendo Switch screen.

A new Copy to a Computer via USB Connection feature was added under System Settings > Data Management > Manage Screenshots and Videos.

  • Users can use a USB cable to connect Nintendo Switch to their computers to copy the screenshots and videos saved under Album.
    * A USB charging cable [model HAC-010] or a USB-IF certified USB cable that supports data transfer is required to connect to a computer.

Users can now select what download to prioritize when there are multiple downloads in progress.

  • When there are multiple software, update data, or downloadable content downloads in progress, users can now select which they want to download first.
  • You can set this under Download Options by selecting the icon for the software you want to download first on the HOME Menu.

User icons were added.

  • 12 user icons that commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. series were added.

Users can now name preset button mappings with the Change Button Mapping feature.

Brazilian Portuguese was added as a supported language.

  • When users set their region to the Americas and their language to Português, the language used on the HOME Menu and in certain software will be displayed in Brazilian Portuguese.

Several issues were fixed, and usability and stability were improved.

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Halo Infinite: They Used A Wolverine, A Dog, And Original Xbox To Capture Sounds For The Game


Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021, but Microsoft is still rolling ahead with news and previews of the sci-fi FPS. The latest special look at the game comes in the form of an "audio field recordings" video that shows off how the audio team went about capturing various sounds.

Most of the sequences in this video were released earlier, but this is a "supercut" video that puts them all together in one place. In the video, you'll see how the team used everything from an original Xbox to a staffer's little dog and even a wolverine to record sounds for Halo Infinite. It's an impressive video that showcases the creative ways in which the team went about creating unique sounds for Halo Infinite--check it out below.

If you like this video, you might also enjoy this other video showing off how the team captured the weapon and vehicle sounds in Halo Infinite.

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Halo Infinite: They Used A Wolverine, A Dog, And Original Xbox To Capture Sounds For The Game2020-12-01T01:16:00+01:00

Deadly Premonition Director’s Next Game, The Good Life, Announces New Publisher With A Trailer


The Good Life, the next game from Deadly Premonition director Hidetaka "Swery65" Suehiro, has picked up a publisher. The game, about New York photographer Naomi Hayward and her move to the mysterious town of Rainy Woods, is due to release in Summer 2021.

The Good Life will be published by The Irregular Corporation, the publisher of Murder by Numbers and PC Building Simulator. The game is being developer by Suehiro's White Owls Inc. team, and is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The new trailer shows off some of the game's major mechanics, including photography and animal transformation--Naomi can turn into a cat or a dog during the adventure. This is, ultimately, a detective adventure, with Naomi digging into the town's secrets. Hopefully she'll uncover some interesting truths.

It looks just a little janky in the trailer, but that's part of the charm of Swery65's work.

The game is coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It'll also be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S thanks to backwards compatibility.

Deadly Premonition 2 released exclusively on the Switch earlier this year. It received a 5/10 in GameSpot's review, which criticized the "jarringly inconsistent frame rate of the open world." A later patch improved things somewhat.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Patch Notes Reveal Weapon XP Changes (November 30)


The newest patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has arrived, and the big-ticket change is a tweak to how fast you'll earn weapon XP.

Across multiplayer and Zombies, Treyarch has increased the earn rates for weapon XP. With the update applied, players should now level up their weapons faster than before, allowing them to unlock new gear and attachments at a quicker pace.

The update also fixes an XP-related problem with the Zombies mode that caused the game to not pay out enough XP in solo matches and later in rounds.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Patch Notes Reveal Weapon XP Changes (November 30)2020-12-01T00:43:00+01:00

Pokemon Go Adds Espurr And Other Gen 6 Pokemon This Week


Pokemon Go's big Go Beyond update is now live, which means a new generation of Pokemon are soon making their debut in the mobile game. Niantic is introducing the first wave of Gen 6 Pokemon to Go this week as part of the new Kalos Celebration event, which kicks off tomorrow, December 2, at 8 AM local time.

Throughout the week-long event, a handful of Pokemon originally from the Kalos region will appear in the wild and hatch from eggs, including the Gen 6 starters Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. On top of that, players will be able to encounter some Kalos Pokemon in Raids. Among them will be the Psychic type Espurr, which will be appearing throughout the event in one-star Raids.

In addition to increased Pokemon spawns, there will be event-exclusive Field Research and Timed Research tasks to complete during the event. The Kalos Celebration runs until 10 PM local time on December 8. You can read more about the event on the official Pokemon Go website.

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Nintendo Switch To Get a New Virtual Console Adding Nintendo Gameboy Advance – Report


Nintendo might add a new virtual console for the Nintendo Switch according to a new rumor. This is supposedly getting an announcement soon. The first indication of such an update appears to be related to the Nintendo NES Online and Nintendo SNES Online virtual console updates. Both of these have been patched to a new […]

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War patch means you now level up weapons faster, thankfully


Treyarch has tweaked Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War so players level up weapons faster.

The developer released a patch for the shooter this evening just as Black Ops Cold War's double XP and double weapon XP event came to a close.

"Coming out of last week's 2XP + 2WXP event, we've made some additional tuning changes to global Weapon XP earn rates across the board," Treyarch said in the patch notes.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War patch means you now level up weapons faster, thankfully2020-11-30T20:29:00+01:00

The 9 best Cyber Monday gaming deals you don’t want to miss


Some might consider Cyber Monday offers a bit like Black Friday leftovers. But, like a reheated curry, they can sometimes be even more delicious the second time around. That's what I hope to prove here, with a handful of the best Cyber Monday gaming deals that are still good as we come to the end of the yearly sales spree.

So, whether it's a Nintendo Switch, some PS4 or Xbox games, a brand new 4K TV or one of many top gaming accessories - grab them here before they expire.

Relatively light on Switch bundles this year as Nintendo favoured launching this Switch Lite offering. Luckily, it's still a good one, with a Switch Lite console, Animal Crossing New Horizons and 3 Months Switch Online. It's gone back up to full price at most stores, but you've still got a chance to get it for just £209 at Very.

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The 9 best Cyber Monday gaming deals you don’t want to miss2020-11-30T18:56:00+01:00

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla PC players have already found a way to get Store items for free


Well, that didn't take long. Assassin's Creed Valhalla has been out for less than a month, and PC players have already figured out how to access premium cosmetics for free - including some that haven't even been released yet.

Over on Nexus Mods, users are sharing a table for Cheat Engine (free memory scanning software - download at your own risk) that allows players to gain access to sets such as the Berserker, Valkyrie, Draugr and Huldufolk packs on PC. I tried it out myself, and after a bit of tinkering found I had suddenly acquired pretty much all the premium packs, which would normally cost around 2000 Helix credits each to unlock (a pack of 2300 Helix credits costs £16.99, if you're wondering). Or a lot of grinding for opals and waiting for Reda to sell each item individually, I suppose.

While this is already a little bit naughty, others have taken things a step further, using Cheat Engine to load currently unreleased items. On some forums users are sharing images such as this fiery wolf, along with Ezio's Brotherhood Outfit, which has not yet been made available in Valhalla. Judging by the hash lists being shared online, it's likely we'll see further unreleased cosmetics posted to the internet in the coming days.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising review – enjoyable but over-familiar


The cubes are probably my favourite thing about Immortals Fenyx Rising. The floating cubes. Huge cubes, taller than me, scattered nursery toys of the Gods. You whack them to start them up and then they glow and hover above the ground. In this state you can pull them about and even throw them. You can stack them and use them for all kinds of platforming puzzles. Clever stuff, inevitably. What I love though - and I think I do love the cubes a bit - is their playfulness. Prod them and they drift a little. Lob them at a target and they spin away afterwards with a sort of Space Odyssey laziness. Once I was standing on a cube and I got another one stuck underneath it, which meant the cube I was standing on started to tilt and threatened to throw me off. Immortals is always a lively game, but the cubes seem to really bring it to actual life. You sit up. There's a bit of mischief in them. A sense of surprise that is sometimes missing from the wider experience.

Immortals Fenyx Rising used to be called Gods and Monsters. It's an open-world action-adventure set amongst the Greek myths. You play as Fenyx, a demi-god who has washed up on the Golden Isle just as the monster Typhon has arrived to get revenge on the gods for his banishment. All fine. It's a game about hitting enemies with a sword and an axe, and gadding about from on high with wings made for you by Daedalus himself, before engaging in a little puzzling.

The tone is cartoonishly light-hearted but - these are Greek myths after all - too bawdy for kids, which is a bit of a shame as they seem like the prime audience for this sort of gentle blend of activities. The game's most famous, perhaps, for having pinched The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's art style - the dozy hills, the waving grass, the craggy spires in the distance - along with a bunch of its main ideas. You can climb any surface here, just like Breath of the Wild. There is a stamina meter that works in a familiar way. You can lift giant objects and the visuals for this feat are very similar to the visuals in Breath of the Wild. You can ride wild animals once you've tamed them. You can glide on those wings of yours. There are dozens of little puzzle chambers dotted around the open world. I could probably go on.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising review – enjoyable but over-familiar2020-11-30T18:00:00+01:00

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