What is a dog but a wobble with infinite potential? That’s the question Wobbledogs – a wonderfully odd pet sim of rapidly mutating portions – is possibly pondering as it prepares to wobble its weird pet sim self into Steam early access next year.

Wobbledogs is the work of Tom Astle, a former gameplay engineer on The Sims 4, and lets players loose in a world of physically simulated – but crucially, and slightly terrifyingly – rapidly mutating dogs. As such, while dogs start out in a broadly familiar form, they’ll quickly take on strange new shapes and behaviours as their evolutionary lines advance.

“Dogs have highly variable bodies controlled by a simulated genetics system,” explains Wobbledogs’ newly launched Steam page, “As they age, they periodically enter a pupal state and physically mutate. The foods they eat fill their guts with different flora [that] influence the dogs’ mutations, letting you craft and mold them to fit your own idea of canine (im)perfection!”.

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