Terms & Conditioners

Becoming a Spiceboy requires a high knowledge of what a Spiceboy is.

A Spiceboy is someone has no knowledge of climbing ladders, whom uses arrow keys to walk around. A true Spiceboy even clicks on his skill-bar to activate a skill. We are not bad at gaming, we are misunderstood.


Not just pride. It’s a spicy pride.  We’re the next step in the evolution, hence why the usual ‘homo sapiens’ can’t comprehend with us. We shit rainbows, we barf bamihapjes. And we do that with pride. Even on our lowest moment, a true Spiceboy remains prideful. Whether you broke a toilet while barfing or became last in the tournament. A Spiceboy knows he is the absolute next best thing that has happened to this world.


We whistle on our flutes; we proudly ride our inflatable flamingos into battle. We are Spiceboys.


Now of course, you’re thrilled to join, we understand. This level of amazingness only comes along once in a lifetime. But we do have some requirements.


  • Must be legal to drink in any country or have a written consent letter of your parents. (18+)
  • Must be able to provide any sort of doctors note which states that you are actually a unicorn.
  • Must have no intent to go pro at all, we remain at a low elo for legal issues.
  • The capability to count to 15 without having to think which number comes after 6.
  • You must like Paulaner.
  • Bamihapjes shall not be taken after a heavy night of drinking.
  • You shall not ruin ‘kings’ night’, due to a low tolerance of alcohol.
  • If we go to a ‘all you can eat restaurant’, we don’t stop until we have value.
  • Have a high passion for lip bites.



Still feel like you can fit in? Join us on Teamspeak. No fool should be using Discord.

Or write a application on our forum if no one is online on TeamSpeak (which never happens).